El Dorado Bread Knife

El Dorado Bread Knife


Our Bread & Bagel Slicer is the best knife for slicing all kinds of bread products. The stainless steel blade is the same blade used in industrial bread slicing machines. It is double-ground and serrated and very sharp. Ultra-thin, this blade slices easily through all kinds of breads including crusty sourdough, rolls and bagels. It will even slice bread warm from the oven or home bread making machine without crushing or mangling it.

Our Bread Slicer has a wider slicing channel between the blade and the handle which allows for slicing bread in thin, medium or thick slices. Perfect for Texas Toast or making bagel chips.

The handle is made from Northern California grown Black Walnut & English Walnut sustainable hardwood that flourishes in the Pacific Northwest. Keeping our forests green!

Also available in a Left Handed version.

Made in America.

Right or Left Handed:
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