"Perfectly Imperfect" End Grain Walnut Cutting Board

"Perfectly Imperfect" End Grain Walnut Cutting Board

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Our “Perfectly Imperfect” line is designed for those that love a sleek and well planned and executed design. But, also enjoy a little imperfection thrown in!

This End Grain Cutting Board is made from locally grown and sourced Black Walnut. Each board is Artisan designed with durability and quality in mind. Each board is hand cut, shaped, sanded, oiled and polished with beeswax. Where the “Imperfections” lie are around the perimeter. Each board is left with the small imperfections on the sides, edges and corners.

We believe that these little pieces of character add to the wholeness of the board. Giving it a unique personality while still providing an amazing and visually pleasing cutting surface!

Materials: Black Walnut, English Walnut

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